Poetry and artwork - Henry Denander

I Know What She Will Say

Release Date January 2003
200 Signed Numbered $5.00 (SOLD OUT)
26 Signed Lettered w/ ORIGINAL Artwork $15.00 (SOLD OUT)

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From Joyce Metzger's review:

... Henry Denander's poetry is direct, committed, and succinct. All of this is interspersed by Henry's own style of wittiness, his sustantial subtlety, with a definite, and orderly, synergetic syntax. Everything connects...

Henry Denander has strength, background experience, memory, Perception and the talent to energize everything into a vividly concrete whole. Many will gravitate toward this fresh sparkle and wry humanistic humor....

I enjoyed this book and certainly hope to see much more of this emerging talent from Sweden! My advice...order now!

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From Gerald Locklin's foreword:

"... he is on a roll, confident of voice, flexible of approach, alert to the subjects that surround us and inhabit us. His poems are showing up throughout the periodicals, as are his great watercolor drawings. And this chapbook is the first of what I know will soon comprise a formidable body of work. Henry has become one of my favorite poets (a small group) and one of my favorite illustrators (an even smaller group)...

Praise for Henry Denander:

"There are so many things I enjoy about Henry Denander's poems - his sly humor, his understated style, his sensitivity to the poets he's read and admired for so many years - but also I just enjoy the person I meet in the poems. As human as anybody you might run into somewhere - and certainly nicer than most of us."
---Samuel B. Charters

"The spirit of Bukowski is walking the cobblestone streets of Sweden, alive between the lines of Henry Denander's poetry. Everyday struggles and triumphs of being human know no international boundaries here. Henry Denander's new voice is worth listening to." -
---Jeffrey H. Weinberg