Poetry and artwork - Henry Denander

Nat Birchall 


His name was new to me but I bought his latest album after 
reading a good review. 

I listened many times to the beautiful record with Birchall and 
his quartet, him playing a great sounding tenor saxophone. 
I decided to get his earlier albums as well and I also recommended him 
to a couple of friends, who got just as excited as me.

So we found this jazz musician playing in the tradition of John Coltrane but
with a very personal sound and with his own compositions. 

On this new album the quartet use a Harmonium instead of 
the traditional piano. I’ve always loved the sound of this instrument and 
it works really well in this setting, together with the tenor saxophone. 

It’s a strange instrument in a way, 
maybe it’s my administrative background that makes me 
dig an instrument that looks like someone’s playing 
a small filing cabinet.





Hydra, September 2018