Poetry and artwork - Henry Denander



My wife’s an expert on Greek insect repellants and
she’s concerned about all the ants, flies, centipedes,
cockroaches and mosquitos, because they all bite her.

There seems to be one repellant for each
kind of insect, a whole shelf in our grocery store
is full of different sprays.

The most common insect seems to be
the cockroach but that particular spray
works very well. Every morning
we collect dead roaches.

When I check the special roach spray,
I realize it’s called Max.

Max Roach - one of the best jazz drummers
in the world!

I work with copyright and artists and
here in Greece, they don’t care much
about copyright matters,
but this is too much I think.

If I knew Max Roach,
I’d  give him a buzz.

Published in The Loulaki Bar, 2009