Poetry and artwork - Henry Denander



In Greece it is very popular to play on the pools and
our small island is no exception; all the men seem to be
involved in the matches and they seem to know a lot about
the different teams.

This summer I had a look in the Stoixhima shop and
there were three Swedish Cup soccer matches that
you could bet on.

Of course I played, looking like I knew everything
about these matches (I didn’t even know there was a
Swedish Cup going on).

The next day when I walked in to the shop the
owner looked at me and shouted: “You won!”.
And apparently I had hit all three matches
and won 76 Euro.

The news had spread already so when I passed
Nikos' shop he asked me if we could play together
the next week, if there were more Swedish matches.

And when he introduced me to two of his friends
the only word I heard and understood was “specialistas”.

But I realise it can only go downhill for me now,
maybe I should stop and not play any more
this summer.

And make the word “specialistas” last
a bit longer.