Poetry and artwork - Henry Denander

Grady Harp (at the Amazon.com)

HENRY DENANDER lives in both his homeland in Stockholm, Sweden and on Hydra Island in Greece. 

His first poetry was published in 1999 - but that is difficult to believe after reading the contents of 
this book THE ACCIDENTAL NAVIGATOR. After spending years as part of the 'business' or 'nut and 
bolts' side of the entertainment industry he has now completely committed to the 'nuts' side and is 
not only writing poetry and short fiction but also acting as editor and publishing poetry.

Denander's poetry follows no schemata of formal poetry - no sonnets here, no rhyming couplets to 
get in the way of his fluid communication. Reading his poems is akin to glancing across the fence, 
noticing something of interest, then turning away, the imprint on the retina and brain firmly placed 
but the imagination has only started to play with the visual image. And that is how automatic his 
poems flow. As a starter, examine the title poem of this collection: 

Scientists in Spain now claim 
it's not Christopher Columbus 
who's buried in the 
magnificent Sevilla cathedral
but his son;
there was a mix-up when the 
remains were moved 
in the 17th century.
Columbus discovered 
America but we all know 
he believed he'd actually 
reached Asia.
And when he landed on Cuba. 
he was certain 
he was in Japan.
Now it seems he's lost 
in Sevilla as well.

Or he can bask in fun ideas and social comments as in the following: 

My doctor has given me 
Botox and Zoloft to try to 
relieve my headaches.
Botox is a common 
ingredient when you do 
facelifts and Zoloft is 
one of the most common 
I am a Modern Man; these are 
the drugs of our times.
Only the Viagra is missing, 
my wife said.
Nice try.

Henry Denander may be Swedish by birth but he certainly has a strong take on the American psyche - 
or is that simply the human psyche. He'll let us know. Sort of an updated John Berryman, this work, 
but a touch more touching! Oh, and he is an artist, too....

- Grady Harp, September, 2011 at amazon.com