Poetry and artwork - Henry Denander

Joyce Metzger Review

Book Review by Joyce Metzger, December 30th 2002:

by Henry Denander (also artwork by Denander)
Foreword by Gerald Locklin

This is a first edition of a first poetry book by the very capable and talented Henry Denander who works as a
business manager for artists, composers, actors and producers. He considers himself a bean counter, but
has been writing, drawing and painting for a considerable time.

Henry Denander lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Through a personal suggestion of the poet-teacher,
Gerald Locklin, Henry contacted me a few months ago, and this very week, my quarterly publication,
CerBerUs XLVIII, has a Denander ink sketch to usher in the New Year of 2003, on the cover, plus the poem;
"The Art Of Racing" on page eleven.

"There are so many things I enjoy about Henry Denander's poems - his sly humor, his understated style, his sensitivity
to the poet's he's read and admired... But I also just enjoy the person I meet in the poems. As human as anybody you
might run into somewhere - and certainly nicer than most of us." --Samuel B. Charters

"Now he is on a roll, confident of voice, flexible of approach, alert to the subjects that surround us and inhabit us. And this chapbook is the first of what I know will soon comprise a formidable body of work. Henry has become one of my favorite poets. --Gerald Locklin

Henry Denander's poetry is direct, committed, and succinct. All of this is interspersed by Henry's own style of wittiness, his substantial subtlety, with a definite, and orderly, synergetic syntax. Everything connects. A reader is never left with that gnawing feeling of clever deception, self-aggrandizement, or overly self-assertion. English is not his first language, but he takes advice, and follows through, to come out holding a winning ticket as a poet.

I have read later books of poets who are not nearly as clear in their poetic words as Henry Denander. And this
is his numero UNO! If he forms a masquerade, the flirtation is brief. His poems always have substantive meaning.

There are 13 colored and black & white illustrations in this slim volume. Two for the price of one; artist and word
spinner poet! Henry Denander has strength, background experience, memory, perception and the talent to
energize everything into a vividly concrete whole. Many will gravitate toward this fresh sparkle and wry
humanistic humor.

Henry certainly has not been dulled by time, nor has he grown the long fangs that enjoy acerbic dispute.

I enjoyed this book and certainly hope to see much more of this emerging talent from Sweden!

Bottle of Smoke Press is now offering; 200 signed, numbered copies ($5.00) & 26 Signed Delux lettered
copies, each containing an original watercolor painting by the author ($15.00).

My advice...order now!

Copyright 2002 Joyce Metzger