Poetry and artwork - Henry Denander

Jonas Kullhammar

Aug 2, 2020

Water color portrait of Jonas Kullhammar, Swedish saxophone colossus. 

Size 18x25 cm (7x10")


Collage | Jul 27, 2020

A thing from memory, the three guys waiting for the ferry boat. This is way back when M/S Eftychia came to Hydra island, now only hovercrafts and speedboats.

"Got the tickets, waiting for the ferry".

Watercolor, collage, ink
Size 38 x 28cm (15 x 11").

Leo Tolstoy

Jul 21, 2020

Just finished reading "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy, what a wonderful book! What a great storyteller! Why didn't I read this long ago? Big fan of Leo Tolstoy now, here below my watercolor portrait. 


12 More Miles

Bootlegs? | Jul 6, 2020
Here's one more batch of Miles Davis album covers.
They are watercolors, fairly small in size 12x12cm (5x5"). 


Federico Fellini

100 years | Mar 5, 2020

In January 2020 Federico Fellini would have turned 100. He's one of my favorite film directors.
So many wonderful movies and "Amarcord" is still my favorite. I made a portrait collage of him and a mailart stampsheet. 


Hydra neighbors

Feb 28, 2020

Back home again after a great week in the warm Greek sun.

Here's an old sketch of the view from our house on Hydra, overlooking the valley. I can see a friend's house and his gigantic swimming trunks drying on the clothes line in the sun. :-)

Almost Miles

Bootlegs? | Feb 12, 2020

For fun I painted some Miles Davis album covers. There are many to choose from, here twelve of them to start with. The watercolor paintings are somewhat close to the originals...