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Gerry Locklin & I were friends

Tribute | Dec 20, 2021 | Comments: 2

Gerry Locklin (1941-2021) was a dear friend of mine and a mentor when I started to write poetry and got published.

I made this small tribute chapbook to Gerry and I have sent it out as a gift to friends. I have a few copies left - let me know if you are interested.



Mailart | Dec 10, 2021

My three latest mailart stampsheets. Please click to enlarge.


John Coltrane | Dec 3, 2021 | Comments: 1

A favorite album for many, and not only the hardcore Coltrane fans. A lot of people found Coltrane through this and the album with Johnny Hartman. Maybe they turned away later after listening to the more free stuff.... Time to turn back!

I Feel Fine

Nov 24, 2021 | Comments: 1

This was the first record I bought, the EP I Feel Fine with The Beatles. I bought it at Brink's Musik in Eskilstuna. The single was released in 1964 and maybe it was early in 1965 that I bought the EP, I was 12 years old.

On the backside was She's A Woman and the EP had two more songs, It Won't Be Long and Baby It's You

Watercolor painting, 2021.

John Coltrane album covers

mailart | Nov 8, 2021 | Comments: 1

I've been working on a stampsheet of alternate takes of Coltrane album covers. Did I say I'm retired and have plenty of free time?

Here two of the stamps.

Fred Anderson

Oct 11, 2021 | Comments: 1

Fred Anderson (1929 – 2010), a favorite tenor saxophone player, based in Chicago.

Here my two old takes, in watercolor and ink.