Poetry and artwork - Henry Denander


May 14, 2017

Another watercolor painting with some collage elements, with thanks to Giulio Cesare Matusali for the inspiration.

Letter in the post box

May 6, 2017 | Comments: 3

"Mr. Blue found a strange looking letter in his post office box. No sender, but with a neat handwritten address. The postmark said The Asemic Islands and when he opened the envelope he found a letter from his friend Edvard Pomander."

Guy Clark

Nov 24, 2016

A watercolor portrait of a young Guy Clark, singer and composer extraordinaire. Portrait commissioned by Åke "Ache" Rosén.
RIP Guy Clark.

Dog Days in November

Nov 16, 2016

I'm back on Hydra for a couple of weeks, reaching out for
the warm Greek sun.
Made this collage/painting and called it "Dog Days in November".


Aug 24, 2016

A new collage "Melina".

Image from an old Greek magazine, with photos of
Melina Mercouri on Hydra in 1962 when she was
shooting the film Phaedra here.

Hydra Taverna

Jul 31, 2016
Our favorite taverna on Hydra since 30 years, Krifo Limani. Look forward to eat there next month.
This is my watercolor painting. Click to enlarge.

My new book

Apr 20, 2016

"Glenn Gould never came to Nice" is my short story published by Pig Ear Press. Those of you who remember my book "The Poetry of Mr. Blue" will be able to read about Mr. Blue again. 

A very nice book production from Pete Lally's press, handsewn and with letterpressed covers.

Follow this link to Pig Ear Press and pick-up a copy, it doesn't cost much but you are supporting the small press - and this small press on Malta will publish my next poetry collection as well! 


More takes on Gerald Locklin

Apr 4, 2016 | Comments: 1

My painting of Gerry Locklin that was used on the cover of the book "Gerald Locklin, a critical introduction", edited by Michael Basinski. I like that Gerry is using the style of Bill Evans when playing his keyboard.    

Miles Davis drawings

Mar 27, 2016
Here two old Miles Davis drawings. I've been listening to his music since 1971. Love everything he did (except maybe his comeback band and the music after 1975...). My favorite period is 1970 and 1971, especially after bass player Michael Henderson came into the band. I saw Miles Davis first time in Stockholm in 1973.