Poetry and artwork - Henry Denander

headache & a cup of coffee

keith jarrett is fingering away 
some well known melodies 
all by himself
more controlled than he usually is
hesitating to take off without the bass
and the drums
perhaps waiting for them 
to arrive 

trying to get the guts to go to the office
and do some work this Saturday but i´ve got a headache and
i ended up in front of the computer

my wife and young son are visiting the Mother-in-law
over the weekend
i will call them later
tell them i have been working all day

i am surfing on the net and sending emails and answering letters and
writing a long poem 
about the time i met chet baker in london 
in 1986

making a cup of coffee from the greek coffee that we brought home
from hydra
it´s nescafé but in the greek way

tastes great
stir it into hot milk and you are 
in java paradise

it started to snow again yesterday
bad news
now it´s five in the afternoon and 
still light outside 
i think the winter
will slowly leave now

thinking of writing a poem about just nothing
or perhaps about the things i have been doing today

i´ll think about it

we’ll see




Published in I Know What She Will Say, 2003