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Chess with Eve Babitz

Sep 3, 2020 | Comments: 2

I read a fascinating biography on Eve Babitz, the Los Angeles author and artist. She wrote several fictional memoirs, and as an artist she made album covers for Atlantic Records, for Buffalo Springfield and other bands.  

Maybe the most famous photo of her is the one where she's 20 years old and playing chess in the nude with Marcel Duchamp, 1962.

I made this somewhat abstract painting, calling it "Chess with Eve Babitz".

Watercolor, collage, ink. Size 38 x 28cm (15 x 11").


Barry Strutt   Sep 3, 2020

I would have liked to have left a comment— but I was distracted! Er, nice move Eva.


D.A. Pratt   Sep 3, 2020

I love this ... ah ... to have attempted to play chess with Eve Babitz! None of my opponents dared to be nude ... just saying! DaP

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