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For Ache

Jul 24, 2019 | Comments: 3

I made this collage painting for my friend Åke "Ache" Rosén's 70th birthday last week. 

I have loved Leonard Cohens music and writing since 1967 when I saw him on Swedish television, he was singing The Stranger Song and two more.

The collage is a mix of memory pieces of Leonard and his life on Hydra. His house is just a couple of hundred meters from our house (his telephone wires also passes our house). The rubber stamped cat is based on the watercolor I sent to Leonard together with one of my books. The coffee cup from when I saw him sitting at a café in the port one morning, in the sun in his blue pin-striped suit. The flowers - I picked flowers from his garden and dried them to send to friends.

If you're interested you can read my poem One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong it's based on a dream I had many years ago and it involves Leonard, Åke and myself singing together... hahaha


Hedqvist   Jul 24, 2019


Bob   Jul 24, 2019

Very nice!

Dawn   Jul 24, 2019

I absolutely love this one and if you weren't gifting it to a friend I would ask to acquire it. My husband and I jokingly (and with some reverence) refer to him as St Leonard and we had friends play and sing Dance Me to the End of Love at our wedding in 2011. I have wondered before if you ever encountered him on Hydra - thank you for the image of him sitting at a Hydra cafe in a blue pin-striped suit. Love your art and your poetry. Have a beautiful day.

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