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The Circus Of The Sun

Robert Lax | May 27, 2021 | Comments: 1

A new fine book from Water Row Press: Robert Lax "The Circus of the Sun", with my illustrations. The book was originally published in 1959.

Click here to see all info about this new edition. It's a perfect bound book made in 150 copies. Size 9x12" (23x30cm). 

Philip Glass' new opera "Circus Days and Nights" is based on Robert Lax's poems.  

Book is available from Water Row

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Hanneke beekmans   May 28, 2021

Dear Henry, what to say then congratulations Henry with your beautiful work.
And quite an honour to illustrate the poems isn t Henry. They found you and your work.
It s simply great and I am gone try to buy one, hope you will sign it Henry.
Is it an idea to buy the book via you Henry?
In that case just give me the banque account or the way the payment works out.
Henry, just beautiful, all of them. I wush there were more illustrations from your hand.
All master pieces Henry.
Give you a big hug and well will you let me know if I can buy the poems by you?

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