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I Feel Fine

Nov 24, 2021 | Comments: 1

This was the first record I bought, the EP I Feel Fine with The Beatles. I bought it at Brink's Musik in Eskilstuna. The single was released in 1964 and maybe it was early in 1965 that I bought the EP, I was 12 years old.

On the backside was She's A Woman and the EP had two more songs, It Won't Be Long and Baby It's You

Watercolor painting, 2021.


Bob Phillips   Nov 24, 2021

I was never into the Beatles much but I liked that song, I Feel Fine. (I I turned 20 yrs. old in 1965 and had been into jazz for several years.) The Beatles really caught my attention with their album, Rubber Soul, which has some fine tunes. I hope you still have that EP but if you do I'm sure it's worn out.

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