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Letter in the post box

May 6, 2017 | Comments: 3

"Mr. Blue found a strange looking letter in his post office box. No sender, but with a neat handwritten address. The postmark said The Asemic Islands and when he opened the envelope he found a letter from his friend Edvard Pomander."


Diana your friend in London   May 6, 2017

The colours are beautiful I wish I could read the words
You are brilliant!

Robert Hansen (poems-for-all)   May 6, 2017

And so it came to be, that in the digital age -- where the art of correspondence with letters made with ink and parchment had given way to an hastily typed emails -- all those who loved to correspond by envelope would find themselves bound together by letters from The Asemic Islands. "It isn't what you say," I imagine Mr. Pomander saying, as he added paint to his latest letter, "but how you say it."

Todd   May 7, 2017

So very lovely! I like the way it makes me feel. Then I imagine this paper without words and I still feel good somewhere inside where I cannot reach in and touch. Thanks for creating and sharing such wonderful art.

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